Grooming Tips For The Upset EP

by A Forest Fires, The Bamboo Shoots

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(free) 03:23


Taste the pain.


released November 5, 2008

Lyrics: Kenjison
Music: A Forest Fires, The Bamboo Shoots
Mixed and Mastered by Peter Kevin



all rights reserved


A Forest Fires, The Bamboo Shoots Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

"There's a cut on my foot and it's turning into you"

We're turning into you.

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Track Name: Best Friends Forever
Two best friends
The Lion and The Lamb
Walking hand in hand
If only they had hands

With a hoof and a paw
They're dancing on the floor
And when they raise the roof
One's lifting up a hoof

In a paddock on the farm
In the desert on a palm

Two best friends
The Lion and The Lamb
Track Name: The Provincial Blues Leave a Metallic Taste in My Mouth
I'm really good at something
It's just someone else is better
I'm standing in the rain
Though someone else is wetter
Just listen when I'm laughing
Like I'm about to cry
I'm reaching for a rainbow
While I'm falling through the sky

And it seems it's very simple
Just being mediocre
Like life is a casino
And I'm just playing poker
And I'm losing all my money
You see I'm nearly broke
I'm trying to be clever
But I only seem to choke

I feel like giving up
I feel like getting down
I'm aiming for the city
But I end up in town
Track Name: Never Mind The Crocodile
If I saw an alligator
I would run and hide
See my knees are knocking
My hands down by my side
With a mouth so powerful
Inflict a world of hurt
I must avoid the death roll
Twisting in the dirt

No sir Mr. Alligator
I don't want your hide
Not for shoes or handbags
Not even for my pride
Please leave me alone
And I will let you be
Don't put me in the death roll
I have a sore knee

If I opened up my wallet
Gave you my money
Would you promise not to
Put me in your tummy
I would sure like it
If I could stay alive
Spare me from your death roll
I'll give you some steak knives
Track Name: A Pretty Ugly Knife Fight
I've got a cut on my foot
And it's turning into you
I've got a roof in my mouth
And it's made to shelter two

I've got a kiss on my hand
And it's burning in to skin
I've got a patch on my eye
And it's wearing rather thin

I've got a wasp on my tongue
And I hope it doesn't fall
I've got a pen through my cheek
And it's writing on the wall

Cover all your flaws
So you can seem appealing
It's hard not fitting in
To anything revealing